2014-15 District 5490 Governor Chuck Fitzgerald 
2014-15 District 5490 Governor Chuck Fitzgerald 
2015-16 District 5490 Governor Paul Pulicken is pictured here his wife, Latha, and RI International President 2015-16 Ravi Ravindran along with his spouse Vanathy.
Most of us know Paul Harris started Rotary Club of Chicago/ on 23 February 1905. Today, Rotary is World’s oldest and largest Service Club Organization. During the International Convention June 6 -9, 2015 in Sao Paulo Brazil our International President Gary C.K. Huang announced that there is a net gain of 47,000 new members during 2014-15.

Polio eradication makes our organization the number one choice in service to mankind. During 2015 there were only 27 cases reported as of May 31st, (25 cases in Pakistan and one 2 cases in Afghanistan)

In our uncertain individual life we dream of many positive changes .We also dream of changes we want to see in our clubs in our communities and in our world.

Fellow Rotarians, you are the leaders in your community. God almighty has given each one of us talents and leadership skills. We need to help to build better communities which will reward us with peaceful world to live in. You are the eyes and ears of the Rotary world. You know what your clubs need, and what they have to offer. You are the ones who can bring together what Rotary is today and what it could be tomorrow.

My focus during coming Rotary year is:

  • Support projects in your own community.

  • Encourage all club members to sign up Every Rotarian Every Year.

  • Appeal to you to invite your best friend to join Rotary.

We are lucky, we have Three hundred and sixty-six days during the coming Rotary year — each one of them numbered, without price, and never to return.

Dear Rotarians, you are truly world class. If we can dream it, we can do it. I request all club officers to “Lead your clubs by example”