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The Rotary Club of Mesa West was named the district's End Polio Now Champions for 2023. The club earned the distinction by having the highest amount of contributions of any club in District 5495 (per capita) to Rotary's End Polio Now campaign. Pam Cohen, club president, accepted the Paul Harris trophy at the district conference from PDG Bret McKeand (representing last year's champion, Peoria North), DG Larry Horton and PDG Jim Erickson, who serves as the district's polio chair. At right is Ramesh Ferris, a polio survivor who spoke at the conference on May 6.
As of March 24, 2023 the top eight clubs in the End Polio Now Champions Award competition are, in order, Mesa West, Sedona, Sedona Village, Gilbert, Sun Lakes, Sedona Red Rocks, Scottsdale North, and Sun City West. Any of these clubs could wind up as the overall winner.
For that matter any club could wind up the winner with a large enough contribution.
The District Conference this year opens on May 5th. District Governor Larry will be presenting the End Polio Now Champions Award at the conference. Keeping in mind that there is always a delay with Rotary International getting donations posted on their website, clubs have about 5 weeks to make contributions to polio if they wish their contributions to be counted in the competition this year.
There is still time to make a difference in the battle against polio. As of today (March 24, 2023) one (1) confirmed case of wild polio virus infection resulting in paralysis has been confirmed worldwide, in Pakistan. Onset of paralysis was February 20th so the clock has been reset to that date.
Competition is underway for the End Polio Now Champions Award. 
As of January 10, 2023, the top seven district clubs in the competition are in order: Mesa West, Sedona Village, Sun Lakes, Sedona, Gilbert, Scottsdale North, and E Club of the Southwest.
The competition will run through the end of April, 2023 so that the award may be presented at this year’s District Conference which is scheduled to begin on May 5, 2023. Last year's champion was the Peoria North Rotary Club.
As an aside, only 33 of our District's clubs and/or their membership have contributed to End Polio Now as of January 10, 2023.
By Larry Lunsford
TRF Trustee

It is nice to connect with Zones 26 and 27 leaders once again. Director Vicki Puliz and I are grateful for your Uncommon Generosity to Our Rotary Foundation.
The Rotary Foundation has recently learned that for the 15th consecutive year we have received the highest rating – four stars – from Charity Navigator. Thanks to each of you for your willingness to raise funds, your rhythm of stewardship, and your impactful use of funding through our grant program structure.
Your Zone Foundation team recently took a look together at the TRF Zone Contribution Summary – the Worldwide Summary – and you should all be pleased with what we saw. You should all be proud to be leaders in the world. You should all work hard over these next three months to yield even more pride.
Our Rotary world is divided into 34 Zones, and then paired into 17 Paired Zones.  We often talk about our Zones 26 and 27 as giving leaders in the Rotary world – and for the eight months of this 2022-23 Rotary year, that is very literally the case!
Through the eight months that ended February 2023 –
  1. Paired Zones 26 and 27 are ranked #2 among the 17 Paired Zones worldwide in Annual Fund Giving, behind only Zones 11 and 12 (Korea). We appreciate the current leadership of RRFCs Shirley Grace and Ken Howell. It was awesome how we exceeded our $200 Per Capita target last year, and as I look at this current year I believe we will exceed this target again this year!!
  2. Paired Zones 26 and 27 are ranked #1 among the 17 Paired Zones worldwide in PolioPlus Fund Giving. We appreciate the current leadership of ENPCs Bob Rogers and Greg Owen. We appreciate the $5,000,000 gift to PolioPlus from LDS Charities in Utah.
  3. Paired Zones 26 and 27 are ranked #1 among the 17 Paired Zones worldwide in Endowment Fund Giving. We appreciate the current leadership of E/MGAs Tom Walker and Steve Lewis.
  4. Paired Zones 26 and 27 are ranked #6 among the 17 Paired Zones worldwide in Other Funds Giving.
Your Zones 26 and 27 Foundation Team is indeed very proud of the Rotarians in the Big West. Let’s ensure we maintain this placement through June 30, 2023 – and then let’s keep our love for the Foundation strong to sustain these giving levels for the years to come. How will you support our Rotary Foundation this month? 
It is my honor to serve as your Trustee.
Make History with Your Change!
New End Polio Now buckets are available free of charge to clubs throughout the district thanks to Past District Governors Barb and Abe Feder.
The plastic buckets are designed to make it easy for clubs to collect change to donate to Rotary's End Polio Now campaign. Clubs may obtain a bucket by contacting PDG Barb at barbfeder@gmail.com.
On November 11, 2022, at the Zones 26/27 Trails to Peace Institute, officials from Latter-day Saint Charities (the Philanthropic arm of the LDS Church), announced their gift of $5 Million to The Rotary Foundation for PolioPlus.
This wonderful gift will be matched 2-to-1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, increasing the donation to $15 Million!
This is in addition to the $400,000 gift LDS Charities pledged in Berlin last month at the World Health Summit’s “Pledging Moment” for PolioPlus.
We are so grateful to LDS Charities and to the Gates Foundation for these large donations toward the eradication of Polio world-wide. 

Did you know the poliovirus cannot infect animals? Only humans, which is we can eradicate polio using existing vaccines. But only if they find their way into the arms and mouths of children. And that takes money…which is why we promote awareness and advocate for donations to help end this crippling disease, especially on October 24 which is World Polio Day in honor of Dr. Jonas Salk’s birthday.

Click HERE for ideas and resources to plan your club or district World Polio Day event. And if your club or district has already planned a special event for World Polio Day, click HERE to register your event.

Together, let’s make history by helping to eradicate only the second disease from the face of the earth. What was the first? Smallpox in 1980, thanks to the success of vaccination.