(Vocational Service in Arizona)
Yesterday, when I reflected back on my day,
It was satisfying to realize “life is OK!”
I know my actions with others as such
allow me friendships and to stay in touch.
I have learned that what is fair to me is also fair to them
and the truth is the base which all dealings depend.
I’m proud to be a Rotarian! I use the 4-Way Test
in all my dealings because it is the best!
Our high ethical standards and our respect for all
are the characteristics where where Arizona Rotarians stand tall.
When the members of our clubs, both the old and the new,
become “true” Rotarians, then they’ll be respected too.
We must rely on each other and our work we must share
so our Rotary services can be effective somewhere.
When our occupations are developed with Rotary in mind,
we can provide materials and services to all mankind.
The people we work with must trust us too;
we do unto others as we wish those those others to do.
Well, I’m a Rotarian and so are you.
Among us all, we know what to do.
The Rotary Code of Contact and our 4-Way Test, I’m pleased to say
are the basis to direct our lives in every way.
We know useful occupations are a must;
and our communities are best served by those we trust.
So, Arizona Rotarians, I appeal to you today;
to engage your Vocational Service in every way.
For you, it will be fun and satisfying, not just a quirk;
So put Rotary to action right where you work.
Making A Difference - Together
By PDG Roger Bonngard