Fellow Rotarians;
As we prepare for this year’s RYLA program, the committee is excited about the various opportunities that are available for the youth in our communities with the upcoming RYLA Camps.  For the past few years, RYLA Pinerock in Prescott has been actively working with The Manzanita Meal Packing Program and this past April RYLA Ponderosa in Heber completed their first meal packing event – together both RYLA camps packed 75,000 meals this year alone! Meals that have ALL been distributed to hungry families here in Arizona. RYLA 5495 has paid for many of those meals through the Arizona Tax Credit. This year, the RYLA 5495 Committee elected to combine our fundraising efforts.  We are “One RYLA with Two Camps”!  Donations received will be distributed proportionately between the two camps.
With RYLA just around the corner, I would like to ask you to consider giving your Arizona Tax Credit to this great program. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3..............
1. Click today on the link below to make your Arizona Tax Credit with your debit or credit card in the amount of $800 (joint tax filers) and $400 (single tax filers);
2. Print your receipt;
3. Take a nap as your RYLA committee we will do the rest.
Why RYLA: It is a great opportunity for our young RYLArians to experience a life-changing event. The great advantage for you and I is we get our donation back through our Arizona taxes, plus a federal deduction. Most importantly - the hungry get fed.
Special Note: You might not be able to give, but, please don't do nothing. Print the attached flyer, talk with your Rotary Club, friends, family and others about giving today.
Who will join me?
Thank you,  
Dennis Van 
RYLArian Emeritus
Rotary Club of BHC