Posted by Gene Medina
Arizona Rotary Leadership Academy (RLA): Exciting Leadership Training Opportunity
Do you have valuable skills and talents from which your district and Rotary can benefit? Are you interested in growing as a Rotary leader?  
Have we got an exciting leadership training opportunity for you!!
In 2017-18, Districts 5500 and 5495 formed a partnership to lead and coordinate Rotary Leadership Academy, an innovative online learning approach to Rotary leadership development first created in 2004.  It is the Academy’s mission is to train identified and selected Rotarians for future district leadership roleswhile simultaneously understanding and being sensitive to the demands on Rotarians time and busy schedules.
Annually, Past District Governors, current Governors, current Assistant Governors and RLA graduates nominate candidates for the academy. These nominees, past Rotary club Presidents, Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) graduates and Rotarians interested in leadership roles beyond their clubs are provided training which prepares them for the “next step,” a district leadership role. 
Each fall the participants begin the academy’s annual program with an orientation to our self-paced, computer-based online learning framework. The primary objectives of the academy are: (1) to expand the foundation of Rotary and district leadership, (2) to provide opportunities for excited and engaged Rotarians to expand their leadership talents, and (3) work within the parameters and constraints of Rotarians busy lives. This quality online training is facilitated by talented and experienced past District Governors and senior Rotarians. Within the program guidelines, students are able to work at their own pace and on their own schedules, within the guidelines of the program.  These courses are offered by the Academy and range from 3 to 8 hours each to complete. 
Courses include:  
September: The Rotary Brand 
October: Understanding and Utilizing The Rotary Foundation (TRF)
November: Collaboration and Funding to Meet Needs 
January: Building on a Heritage of Leadership and Accomplishments
 February: How to Succeed in Membership Growth and Retention
 March: Rotary’s Fiduciary Responsibilities, and Youth Protection
Go to arizonarla.organd explore all the information about the academy and its course.  It will be well worth your five (5) minute review.
During the next three months, June, July and August, the Current District Governor, Past District Governors, current Assistant Governor (AG), and graduates of the Arizona RLA will be seeking nominees for this year’s academy class. 
If you are a current or Past Club President, graduate of RLI or a Rotarians seeking a leadership role beyond your club, let a Past or the Current Governor, Governor Elect, current AG or RLA graduate know of your interest.
You will be glad you took action. Be well. 
Gene Medina, Dean, RLA 2020-21