The 2021 Michael J. Harris Memorial District 5500 Ride to End Polio Results

A big thanks to District 5500 Governor Hank Huisking for her unwavering support, both financial and moral.

Thanks to Darrell Stewart, Co-chair and coordinator of our Pre-Ride Dinner.

Thanks to Charlotte Harris, who led the Indoor Ride to End Polio to a 12 year record.

Thanks to Gary Friedman and the clubs along the I-19 Corridor for taking over the Rotary Aid Station in a brand new location, and with no prior experience.

Thanks to Natasha Wrae and the Tucson Sunset Club for a great job at the Finish Line Booth.

Thanks to Chair-elect and PDG Kirk Reed for coordinating the fund raising effort

Thanks to Clare Monroe and the folks at Rotary International for their assistance in so many ways.

And a huge thanks to our Presenting Sponsor, the Cycling to Serve Fellowship for their contribution to help us meet our operating costs for the ride.


The Indoor Ride to End Polio included 25 teams with approximately 250 participants. The highest Indoor Ride fundraiser award goes to Calgary West, where 34 clubs helped raise more than $91,000. Second place went to Stoughton, WI who raised more than $27,000. In total, the Indoor Ride, including all sites, raised a record $505,642 (all figures quoted with the Gates Match).

The Ride to End Polio in Tucson saw 100 cyclists registered, which is close to the norm for our ride. Considering we skipped a year and concerns over COVID, this is a great result. Riders came from 12 states and at least one rider rode in every distance.

The 2021 Ride to End Polio raised a total of $2,996,868 including all donations from all sources.

This is the 12th year Rotary has participated in El Tour de Tucson, and over that time, our cyclists have raised $56,296,868.

Thank you to every cyclist who rode Indoors or in Tucson. To friends and family who came out and supported their rides with contributions and moral support. But in the end, let's all remember why we ride.
From left, Rebecca Wilks, left, a member of Peoria North Rotary, District 5400 Governor Russell Johnson and District 5495 Governor Bret McKeand were among the Rotarians participating in the 2021 Ride to End Polio.