A Breath of Fresh Air
As we move into our new 2018 year, it may be time to take a deep breath and fill your lungs and body with a “breath of fresh air.”
We Rotarians, as leaders in our communities, can take action.
Our actions and words in 2018 …to our family, our friends, our neighbors, our employers, our employees, clients, customers and vendors could be that fresh air!
Let’s actively use our 4-Way Test and the Rotary Code of Conduct to lead us! Here are some attributes we can further develop in us to inspire ourselves and others:
  •  A meaningful smile – one of the most powerful things you can do to influence others is to smile.
  •  A good listener – you can win more friends with your ears than your mouth. People who feel like they are listened to feel appreciated and accepted.
  •  Display humility – It’s wonderful to see bosses, co-workers, and vendors displaying enough self-confidence to let their work speak for their abilities and achievements. Humility is not difficult to practice. It just means that you realize that others have been a part of your success and you show it.
  •  Be fun-loving – a fun workplace is more productive. It also attracts people and profits.
  •  Remember names – if you want people to know how much you care, show them that you remember and speak their name.
  •  Be enthusiastic – develop a love for your vocation. Love what you do every day. Enthusiasm is contagious; inspire others with whom you live and work.
  •  Have a positive attitude – a positive mind expects happiness, success, satisfaction and good health. Behaving in a positive way leads to positive attitudes and forms good habits. Your habits define the kind of person you are and are a model for others around you.
  •  Develop good character – demand from yourself and people in your organization complete professionalism and respect for each other and for all the people they serve.
  •  Respect deadlines – getting the job done correctly and on time is essential in building loyalty and trust.
  •  Dress for success and be a good example in your organization.
Serve others – to provide quality service, you have to know your associates as living, breathing human beings with likes, dislikes and particular interests. A “knock-your-socks off” service plan doesn’t have to be difficult. Providing
“Service Above Self” shows you have paid attention and have taken a genuine personal interest in their needs. Real happiness is helping others!
Inspire others with your financial support – Give what you can.
  • The Rotary Foundation: Help the world be a better place.
  • The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA): Assisting the working poor in your own community have a chance at a better life.
  • Other local charities: Salvation Army, Boys and Girls Club, Local Food Bank, etc.
YES, we can be that “breath of fresh air!” Through our personal vocation and our Vocational Service to others. Rotarians and their Rotary clubs represent an honest, wholesome sense of well being to their communities. That, in itself, is a breath of fresh air.
See you in 2018 - We are, Rotarians Making a Difference - Together
Your 5495 Vocational Service Team
Dan “Danny” Messersmith, Chair