The year was 2007 and Gift of Life – Arizona, was ready to save another child from Mexico – Alicia.  Her heart was suffering from Tetralogy (teh-TRAL-o-je) of Fallot (fah-LO) - a serious congenital heart defect affecting four different areas of the heart. This is a problem, present at birth, that changes the normal flow of blood through the heart and detrimentally affects oxygen levels in the blood.  Her case was submitted to Gift of Life – Arizona and successfully received her open heart surgery through St. Joe’s Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.
Fast forward almost ten years – Alicia presents for a routine cardiac follow-up, complaining of not feeling well and it is determined that she is in need of yet, another surgery.  This is not uncommon for children who receive these kinds of procedures as babies because the heart changes as the child grows into adulthood.  She was accepted for her second open heart surgery in her young life and received the Gift of Life with the love and the expert care of Dr. Lindblade, once again at St. Joeseph’s Medical Center.
Exactly three months after Alicia's second open-heart surgery, friends and supporters of Gift of Life gather to celebrate her second successful surgery. A big thanks go out to her Cardiologist, Dr. Lindblade of Phoenix Children's Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation and all of our donors, who partnered with us to save her life! Alicia is doing great and is continuing in her studies to become a nurse.
Alicia and the Gift of Life board. From left to right, Gloria Lara, Dr. Dudley Halpe, Frank Rosenberg, Keli Jo Hause, Alicia, Chuck Flint, Scott H. Miller, Mike Burke, Rick DePonte, and John S. Abbs at her celebration of life. 
2016-2017 District Governor, Tonya Watson, asked Gift of Life to speak at the 2017 District Conference in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Alicia was proud to represent the 300+ children who have received the Gift of Life by telling her compelling story of being a two-time survivor.  She recently graduated from her phlebotomy course to work in the health industry while pursuing her dream of being a nurse.  Her desire is to affect the lives of others in the way that hers was changed by Gift of Life.  She is a shining example of what the “power of one” can accomplish if given the chance.
John McKoy, Rotarian who attended 2017 District Conference  -  “This Rotary program, though little known outside of Rotary, saves the lives of so many children born with heart defects. This presentation and getting to meet this remarkable young woman was the icing on the cake for me. We take so many miracles for granted, but we don't often get to come face to face with the results. I am proud to say I am a Rotarian!”
And so. . .  today Alicia’s desire it to still give back to the community who has given her so much.  Please join Gift of Life in recognition of a life changed – only one of more than 300 through the efforts of Gift of Life – Arizona.