Hello D5495 Leaders,
Annually, February 1 – May 15 marks the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program application process for the 2023-24 academic year.  This highly competitive and extraordinary program provides up to 50 Master’s Degrees and 80 Professional Certificate opportunities to deserving peacebuilders from all over the world.
This is a fully-funded program by The Rotary Peace Centers within The Rotary Foundation.  There is $0 cost to your club or our District.  
This past year D5495 was honored to have two of our applicants awarded Master’s degree opportunities for this coming 2022-23 year.  Thanks to those of you who know and support this program. We want more D5495 Rotarians to know about it and share it with others. We are asking your help to promote the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program.
Please go to the D5495 website “Resources” tab at the top of the page and click on “Peacebuilding Resources”. Then scroll down to “Peace Fellowships/Peace Centers and you will find 6 items to learn about both the Master’s and Certificate programs, the Role of the Rotary Club, qualification criteria, and more.
Within our own communities here in Arizona there are so many peacebuilders doing amazing work to keep us safe, healthy, educated, and well looked after.  Many of these individuals are candidates for this Certificate.  We would like your clubs to promote the Professional Certificate program locally.  Please see the attached flyer. 
We have a dedicated committee to assist your clubs with the application process.  We can also provide a short program on this for your clubs.  And we are available to answer any questions.
Peace and regards,
Tony Cerato
D5495 Peace Fellowship Subcommittee Chair
Phone:  719-351-6616
For information, click here