Posted by Phoenix West Rotary "West Side Story"

Every day mothers risk their lives giving birth and millions of children die each year from treatable, preventable causes. At least 7 million children under the age of five die each year due to malnutrition, poor health care, and inadequate sanitation. Rotary makes high-quality health care available to vulnerable mothers and children so they can live longer and grow stronger by providing immunizations and antibiotics to babies, improving access to essential medical services, and supporting trained health care providers.

Rotary provides education, immunizations, birth kits, and mobile health clinics. Women are taught how to prevent mother-to-infant HIV transmission, how to breast-feed, and how to protect themselves and their children from disease. Rotary makes amazing things happen, like:

Providing Mobile prenatal clinics in Haiti that has the highest maternal and infant mortality rate of any country in the western hemisphere. 


Rotarians provided a mobile Cancer screening unit and awareness trainings around Chennai, India, where there is a high mortality rate of women with breast and cervical cancer due to late diagnosis.

And Rotary members launched a $3 million, five-year pilot to save lives of mothers and children during home deliveries in Nigeria.