It is our pleasure to invite you and your Club to attend our XIII Rotary Project Fair to be held in Guayaquil at the Hotel Oro Verde on Friday 17th , Saturday 18th ,  and  Sunday  19th  of November, 2017.
A project fair is a program which enables Clubs to find international partners for developing humanitarian projects financed with Global Grants. During this three-day Rotarian encounter, Ecuadorian clubs will exhibit their projects to visiting Rotarians who will learn about them and, if interested, make agreements for joint work and support.

Besides the convenience for choosing an international project, visitors will personally meet their promoters and other local Rotarians establishing important partnerships as well as long lasting friendships

It is also an opportunity for Clubs to fulfill the requirement of participating in an international project in one of the 6 Areas of Focus outlined in the Future Vision Plan in order to obtain the 2017-2018 Presidential Citation.
The fair is also useful for foreign clubs to offer their projects to local clubs and establish working partnerships.

As you are aware, all projects financed with Global Grants have to abide to the Future Vision Plan, which may be still new to many Districts and Clubs.  However, our District 4400 was selected as a Pilot District in 2010 and now has the necessary knowledge and experience to develop projects in compliance with the Plan.

Thus, we have the know-how to guide other Districts and Clubs in fulfilling requirements and processing the necessary paperwork with the The Rotary Foundation in a very fast and effective manner, so that projects can be started very quickly.
We have also selected exciting and high-end excursions to the worldwide known Galapagos Islands; to the Amazonian Jungle; to Quito, Otavalo and the Andean Sierra; to Vilcabamba - well known for the longevity of its population - and to other exciting destinations.

Please contact our Chair of the XIII Project Fair Committee, Amparo Albuja ( or for registration or any further information you may need.  You can also visit our district webpage

For online registration, please contact:
We hope to greet you soon in our country well known for its hospitality.
Yours in Rotary,
Gustavo Perez
District 4400 – Ecuador

Thursday, November 16 or prior:    Arrival to Guayaquil
Friday, November 17:                       First session of the Fair at the Hotel Oro Verde  Welcome Dinner
Saturday, November 18:                   Second session of the Fair
Sunday, November 19:                      Special social program
Monday, November 20:                     Beginning of tours

Costs for visiting Rotarians and their companions:
Registration fee - US$ 200 per person which includes,  lunches during the 2 days of the Fair, coffee breaks, welcome dinner, Sunday program, and transportation. Lodging at Hotel Oro Verde - UD$ 126.50 in  single room and US$ 132.70 in double room, per day, incl. taxes  and breakfast.

EXCURSIONS AND TOURS (at very affordable costs!!)
Detailed information on tours and costs are published at our District 4400 webpage