Did you know August is Membership and New Club Development Month?! 
Keeping reading for 5 ways to celebrate in August!   fdfgdf
Have you visited Rotary.org recently? There are some fantastic resources available. Check out some reason why Starting a Rotary club might be just the thing to do!
Starting new Rotary clubs increases our ability to improve lives in communities around the world. A new club adviser works
with district leaders to develop and support the new club during the process. Other Rotary clubs and members can help the new club succeed by serving as sponsors or mentors.
Find information about the process in Starting a Rotary Club (PDF).
Reasons to start a club
Both Rotary club members and nonmembers can start clubs. Here are some reasons you might want to.
You're a Rotary club member, and:
·       An area in your district doesn't have its own club.
·       Your Rotary club can no longer accommodate new members.
·       Some members need an alternate meeting time.
·       Some members prefer to meet online, less frequently, or using a different format (explore club meeting options).
You're not a club member, and:
·       Your area doesn't have a club.
·       The club in your area doesn't fit your needs.
·       You want to get involved with your community in a new way.
Let’s Celebrate Membership!
  1. Celebrate your members!Being part of Rotary means you are connected with the best group of people who share a passion for wanting to make the world a better place. Celebrate all that you have accomplished with a fun Rotary club mixer this month!
  2. Make Rotary fun!Attract new members by showcasing just how much fun it can be to be part of something BIG. Check out Rotary BINGO! Brought to you by Angela Lopez, Membership Chair for Phoenix 100.
  3. Share Ideas.Join the Rotary District 5495 Membership Facebook page and be part of the membership discussion! Share best practices, membership strategies, and gather new ideas!
  4. Community Surprise & Delight. What better way to celebrate than to showcase the pride you have in being a Rotarian? Plan a done in a day service project or pitch in to surprise local teachers with donuts for back to school. 
  5. Change it Up!Our Rotary International President is passionate about making Rotary accessible to everyone. When was the last time you updated your dues structure? Planned a weekend family get together? Don’t be afraid to mix things up in ways that attract new members.