Posted by Brianna Rodriguez
Hi Everyone! I’m happy to announce that the Interact District Council has had a successful retreat! During July 16-18th, our Assistant Governors spent their time training with numerous presentations and scenarios to aid in the preparation of this year. Our presentations contained information on how to grow a club, set measurable goals, and various leadership principles. Saturday was dedicated to team bonding. Our governors were split into three color teams (yellow, blue, and green), to face off in volleyball, tug-a-war, and capture the flag. As our teams went head to head, rivalries started, but at the end of the day everyone came together to unite as one big team. Throughout the weekend, I was able to watch complete strangers build lasting connections and friendships with each other. Our Assistant Governors have been equipped with all of the skills needed to ensure a successful year of service. 
Recently, our Mexico and Kenya Ambassador Teams arrived home. After a long trip of hardwork and dedication, our two teams were welcomed home by their families and Assistant Governors at the airport. To learn more about their journey, visit our Interact District Website, (