For 25 years Chandler Horizon Rotary Club has been hosting an annual Hole-in-One fundraiser held at the beautiful San Marcos Golf Resort.  With the help of our sponsors and golfers (shooters) we have raised more than $630,000 to help various charities in the Chandler area!  Shortly after the final event, our club holds a benefit breakfast to invite recipients to celebrate and share in the giving!  100% of all money we collect are given out at this celebration breakfast.
This year our 8 qualifying dates are: Feb 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25.  March 2, 3. Our Final event is Sunday, March 4th.
This is a very unique format.  For 8 days, we set up a 100 yard shot at the San Marcos Golf resort.  Participants purchase and shoot golf balls and daily prizes are given to the best shots of each day!  After the 8 days of qualifying, the closest shooters compete in the final two events: $20,000 and $100,000 prizes! 
To mark our Silver Anniversary, we hope to top all years in funds raised for charities.  We are confident that with the support of our communities, this year will be a record breaker.  Unfortunately this year we did lose a major sponsor.  Therefore, we are still looking for additional sponsors! 
Please join the Chandler Horizon Rotary club this year in making a positive impact in Chandler, AZ and surrounding communities.