On September 14, Keith Brekhus, the constituent services representative for Congressman Tom O'Halleran, visited the Silver Creek Senior Center in Snowflake for outreach and to listen to the seniors’ needs and concerns. He also shared what the Congressman has been doing.
Time was spent with Chris Wall, manager of the senior center, reviewing the way government resources are allocated to this area. There were concerns expressed about the data and formula used to allocate funds to all senior centers locally. Navajo County has the second-highest poverty rate in the state, but some of the local data may be understating the poverty rate in the immediate Snowflake-Taylor region. Accurate data is critical, because the data has an impact on how much resources are given to a specific area. Chris said that she will continue to focus on the rural aspect of the distribution of funds in relation to larger metropolitan areas/larger cities.
Photo (L-R): Chris Wall, manager, Silver Creek Senior Center; Keith Brekhus, constituent services representative; Charlotte Pruett, Silver Creek Rotary volunteer.