Dear Fellow Rotarians,
Sometimes January can seem like a long month, but not this year! District 5495 Rotarians have been on fire! Clubs held fundraisers, service projects and events that changed lives and enhanced the quality of life in our communities. Leadership Development was front and center on a District level, with events of like RYLA Camp Pinerock (the first of our two Rotary Youth camps!) and the Rotary Leadership Institute, where 25 members gathered to share and learn! You’ll enjoy reading about the amazing energy and good work of our clubs and program teams in this newsletter.
The next few weeks are the perfect time to bring your friends, co-workers and family members to a Rotary meeting or District event. When non-Rotarians experience the energy and impact of our activities and witness the personal character, goodwill and diverse experience of our club members, they understand why we freely dedicate so much of our time and treasure to service!
Kudos to all the multi-club teams that have been working on projects and events for all of us!  Because of their collaborative efforts, the next five weeks literally offer something for everyone.
  • A mix of Rotary Youth, Rotaractors and Rotarians are holding a walk-a-thon to raise money for a service project—Crutches4Africa.
  • Members of four clubs will represent our D5495 in Vancouver at the Presidential Conference on Peace & Environmental Sustainability.
  • A bus with 25 members will travel to Caborca to administer polio vaccines—and more!
  • A strong, talented Leadership Development Team will host this year’s PETS (Presidents-elect Training Seminar) for all of our clubs incoming Presidents.
  • Interactors from the 93 Interact clubs in D5495 are holding their annual Interact District Conference at Gilbert High School. 
  • A team, with members from eight different D5495 clubs and the Rotary Club of Puerto Peñasco, has collaborated to organize a rich, affordable opportunity for International Service and fellowship for members, families and friends—in Rocky Point, Mexico!
Question: Have you hugged your AG lately? Seriously, this is a special shout-out to all of our Assistant Governors. In addition to their unique relationships with your clubs, these volunteers also frequently work behind the scenes on your behalf. One of the things they’ve been doing this year is showcasing your clubs in our monthly District newsletter. Wow!  Reading about our projects, events and unique cultures has been inspirational … and the source of many good ideas. Thank you, AGs, for bragging about the clubs in your area, and for all you do! 
We are an incredible body of active, generous, talented Rotarians. Let’s take time this month to acknowledge each other for the roles we play in our own success. It is we, ourselves, who make our own opportunities—and we are certainly demonstrating that in D5495!  
(PS—Tell a friend!)