The Sixth Annual Big West Rotaract Conference was held at Cal State in Long Beach October 20-22. ASU Rotaractors Abdul Alkhudhayr, Elise Machado and Emily Vega attended and shared some of their feedback about the experience (below). We are proud to announce that Phoenix Rotaract member Abbey Hawthorne, Big West Rotaract director, completed her two-year term of office at the event.
Thanks, Rotaractors, for your leadership!
Thoughts about Big West…
"I have always believed that volunteering is a civic responsibility. It was amazing to see that the event was an effort of volunteerism, and no one got paid to be there. I am glad to have found Rotaract, and I am excited for what the future holds."
– Abdul Alkhudhayr
"With each conference I attend, I am reminded of the many impacts Rotary is making in communities everywhere. I went to some amazing breakout sessions led by Rotarians with topics such as: Financing for Retirement; Turning Passions into Work; and Careers in Advertising. As a student who needs to learn to save, and a marketing major hoping to find a job I am passionate about after graduation, I found all of them to be very relatable. It was nice to hear from professionals in an environment filled with positive and energetic Rotaractors!”
– Elise Machado
"Big West was an inspiring and motivating experience for me. It reminded me of the importance of having a balance in life across all aspects of life. I learned about corporate social responsibility and learned how I can take the values I've learned from Rotary and how I can use them to do service within my workplace. Lastly, the motto from one of our speakers that stood out to me, that I can apply to my personal life, school career and Rotaract career is 'Act Bold, Aim High, Live Large.'" 
– Emily Vega