How can you keep your club qualified for grant funds every year? 

It’s easy! If a club exceeds or equals the minimum threshold giving of $70 per capita to The Rotary Foundation Annual Fund every year, that club will meet one of three major qualification requirements for grants. All three major requirements are listed below.

Clubs submitting applications for District Grant or Global Grant funds in 2019-20 must be qualified by the district. District 5495 has established requirements in addition to those established by The Rotary Foundation. To be eligible to receive grant funding for any grant program, Rotary Clubs in District 5495 must:

•      Have had a minimum Annual Fund per capita giving of $70 in 2017-18. (If a club fails that minimum threshold in 2017-18, it can still qualify with a minimum of $125 Annual Fund per capita giving in 2018-19.) The Annual Fund is the designated area of giving to The Rotary Foundation that provides grant funds.

•      Have one member attend the Grant Management Seminar for 2019-20 grants. It is recommended that the chair of the club’s The Rotary Foundation attend. Note: A club can send as many participants as desired. Seminars will be conducted in March of 2019.

•      Provide a signed M.O.U. & Addendum by both the 2019-20 president and president-elect.

Jim Bissonett, DRFC Chair