District Grants—Now is the time to start planning your club project in 2018-19 that can be partially funded by a District Grant. These awards are available up to $2,000, with the club funding at least 50 percent of the project cost.
The application period for a District Grant starts April 1, 2018 and ends June 30, 2018.  District Grant Guidelines for the application process can be found on the District 5495 website: www.rotary5495.org.
Projects cannot be started and items cannot be purchased with club money or with District funds until … 1) the application is approved by the District and The Rotary Foundation, and 2) after July 1, 2018. District Grant funds are expected to be available before September 1, 2018.
Global Grants—Global Grant funds from District 5495 and The Rotary Foundation will be available after July 1. However, international project planning and the application process can begin earlier. For assistance with Global Grants, please contact the District Rotary Foundation Committee.
How Clubs Qualify for Grants
To be eligible to receive grant funding for any grant program in 2018-19, Rotary Clubs in District 5495 must:
1.  Have had a minimum Annual Fund Per Capita giving of $70 in 2016-17 or a minimum of $125 Annual fund Per Capita giving in 2017-18. The Annual Fund is the designated area of giving to The Rotary Foundation.
2.  Have one member attend the Grant Management Seminar. It is recommended that the chair of the club’s The Rotary Foundation attend.  Note:  A club can send as many participants as desired.
3.  Provide a signed M.O.U. & Addendum by both the 2018-19 president and president-elect.
Club qualification status for the above is posted on the District 5495 website and updated periodically. It provides status for each of the three requirements listed above.  The MOU is available to download from the District website.
An announcement for the GMS dates, time and place is forthcoming. The choice of dates will available in the month of March.
Other qualifications are applicable but not monitored by the District.
Way To Go, 5495!
Statistics are in from our Rotary Zone 26 (12 Districts), and we have more club involvement in Global Grants than any other district. That means that 46 percent of our clubs are sponsoring or contributing to a Global Grant, improving the world one community at a time. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. If you're a member of the remaining 54 percent, please contact us to learn how you can get involved.
District 5495 Rotary Foundation Chair Jim Bissonett, jim@jbsolutions.com 
District 5495 Grants Subcommittee Chair Rebecca Wilks, info@drwilks.com