The D5495 Foundation Committee has two major functions. First, we help clubs with TRF education and donations. Second, we help clubs access grant funds for local and international projects. We have accomplished quite a lot during the first year of the merger of D5510 and D5490.
Thanks to the folks on the fundraising side of our committee who go all out to inform and educate about the Rotary Foundation. They are great advocates to show why TRF should be every Rotarian’s charity of choice. The committee members who have made this a great effort are Charlie Tegarden, Craig Wilson, Barb Feder, Jim Dowler, Bob Zarling and John Pennypacker.
Thanks to a terrific grants team who helped clubs navigate the complexities of applying for grant funds. Kudos to Rebecca Wilks, Dale Gray, Abe Feder, Don LaBarge and Fred Goldman who answer every grant question and chase down reports.
Also, our committee operates its stewardship and financials with the aid of Dave Young, Terry Cowen and Joanne Kline. Year after year they quietly and effectively make sure we are complying with the rules of The Rotary Foundation.
Lastly, I want to thank Barb Feder, Abe Feder, Charlie Tegarden and Alan Havir for organizing a fun dinner in November, TRF Abundant Harvest, that featured great music and past RI President Ray Klinginsmith.
Jim Bissonett, DRFC Chair