Posted by PDG Barb Feder, DEI Chair
Inclusion sounds like the easiest step of the three pieces of DEI, doesn’t it?
Of course, everyone you ask to join Rotary feels welcome & included, right?
If that were the case, we wouldn’t have the retention problem we’ve had for so any years.  Getting members isn’t the problem, KEEPING them is!
Inclusion is more than the invitation to the party.  Inclusion means asking members to give their ideas and help in the planning process of the party all the way to the party itself. If you’re just making sure all your members are on the guest list, you’ve missed giving them the opportunity to serve and feel part of the greater good.
Including more members all the way through your projects, fundraisers, socials makes them feel that they have value; their ideas are being heard; they are appreciated and feel a part of a caring and “inclusive” club.
Once the word gets out that your club is including Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as a template for growth and service, you’ll most likely find membership and retention will increase and improve.  Worth a try, don’t you think?