by Jim Bissonett
Greetings from the District 5495 Rotary Foundation Committee (DRFC)!  Now that D5510 and D5490 are officially merged, we are working to step up communications from our committee.  
Please visit the information on the new D5495 website:  Go to the Rotary Foundation tab at the top of the page and, by scrolling your courser over the sections in this tab, you can find the most useful guides, forms and links.  Except for links, all these can be downloaded into PDF.  Contact information for our team is under Team Roster.  Additionally, you will find the Rotary Foundation Guide, a link to TRF Resource Guide,  Recognition Opportunities and the Rotary (Foundation) Contribution Form. The Grant sections provide general information and details about District Grants and Global Grants.  There will be some additional information added to the Rotary Foundation tab over the next month to help you find international projects, TRF speakers for a club program and more.
Our committee is here to serve clubs and club members!  Please contact us for any assistance you need with The Rotary Foundation or grants!