The Rotary Club of Flagstaff has recently completed a mural in downtown Flagstaff that celebrates volunteerism and promotes peacebuilding.
Club President Tonya Watson refers to the 20-by-30-foot mural as a “love letter to our community.”
The signature plaque that will be installed alongside the mural will include the following:
Artist: Lindsey DeStefano
To Commemorate the Centennial of
The Rotary Club of Flagstaff,
Serving Community and World since 1921.
Gratitude to Peace Surplus and City of Flagstaff
“Two years in the planning and creating, it is not by accident that our mural is on the rear wall of Peace Surplus, a prominent downtown business for over 50 years,” said Tonya.
The mural depicts many hands symbolizing volunteerism (and except for the large ones at the bottom for perspective, all are current Rotarians’ actual handprints) – leading up to the peace sign. The rest of the mural abstractly depicts elements of the community, such as, mountains, trees, Black-eyed Susans, poppies, wind/water, blue skies, and fluidity.