Posted by Elizabeth Mahoney
Our District's Rotary Foundation Committee Chair position will be open this coming July 2020.
Every three years, this important position becomes available for a Rotarian to lead our District in all matters related to The Rotary Foundation.  
The District Rotary Foundation Committee Chair position:

     * Oversees all of our District and Global Grants.  
     * Meets and Speaks to Rotarians all around Arizona and beyond.  
     * Helps to further the mission of eradicating Polio.   
     * Fundraises and collaborates for amazing projects and causes
     * Participates in the Annual Mexico/USA Friendship Conference and Global Grants Exchange 
     * Much much more!
If you have experience with The Rotary Foundation and are passionate to lead this committee, please contact Elizabeth Mahoney (602) 488-8800 by November 15th, 2019.  Interviews will take place late November.