Posted by Interact PDG Madelynn Mac Donald
Interact AG to Chair Rotary District Committee
                  No one is too young to start making an impact and changing the world. A perfect example of this is current Assistant Governor Chloe Lyons. Chloe is a junior at Centennial High School in Peoria. Although this is her first year as an Assistant Governor on the Interact District, she is certainly making a mark on the Rotary and Interact World. Not only is she the President of her local club, Chloe is the West Valley AG Team Leader. Her role includes helping out the other Assistant Governors in that area, being a bridge of communication between the Executive Team and the West Valley AGs, and overall helping the council improve. Chloe has not stopped there in expanding her leadership skills; she is now one of the first Interactors to become a chair of a Rotary District Committee.
                  This did not come without hard work and dedication. Chloe is a member of the Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group. This group focuses on the newly added Supporting the Environment, the 7thArea of Focus. Within that group, Chloe is part of the International Board for Climate Solutions Coalition. She was appointed to be an American Ambassador to the Climate Solutions Coalition. Her role is to recruit 3-5 Interactor and Rotaractors from each Rotary Zone in this country to serve with her. When she realized our district did not have a committee for Supporting the Environment, she knew she had to take action.
Chloe began with talking to one of Interact District Council Advisors, Art Harrington. She had asked if he knew of any Rotarian who might want to be the lead on this committee. After seeing her dedication and hard work in the council, Art knew that she would be the right fit for this job. Speaking to the council about her plans, Chloe got an overwhelming amount of support and love from her fellow Assistant Governors. She also has the full backing of District Governor Elizabeth. Chloe will be starting this committee up this November.
                  As District Governor last year, one of my favorite quotes was from Helen Keller. She said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” Chloe is already off to a great start with her plans with the committee, but now, she needs the support from YOU! She is looking for Rotarians to help form and join her committee. With the help from you, and the hard work I have personally seen Chloe do, I know that this new committee could become one of the best of it kind. With this being a new area of focus, as a district, we can help change the world; and once again be putting our name out there as one of the best districts in the world. If you are interested, please contact Chloe by her email ( ). We hope to see you joining the committee that is going to save the world!