Wow! Our lives have changed so much since the last time this newsletter went out! Schools are now officially closed the rest of the school year, which means unfortunately Interact clubs are unable to meet. We were lucky enough to have done our Interact District Conference before all this craziness ensued! Though Interact clubs are unable to meet, we still have our Interact District Council Application that is open till April 15. This is a great opportunity for young leaders to take the next step in Interact leadership. Please encourage the leaders in Interact that you know to apply! They can find the application on the website I highly recommend that anyone with a passion for Interact to apply. If you have any question on how to apply or who should apply, feel free to contact me!
Sadly, with all of these circumstances, our Kenya Ambassador Team has had their trip postponed indefinitely. The team and the advisors decided that this was the best option to make sure the trip is both safe and successful.  Our shipment of mobility devices had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, and the team is unable to be sure to have all the devices they need during the summer. There is also the problem that COVID-19 is just hitting the African countries, which means it will probably be still going strong during the summer months. The Kenya team decided that the best option is to postpone the trip to either a school break later in the year or during next summer. All their positions are secured.
The Mexico Ambassador Team trip is still currently on. The shipment to Mexico is likely to be able to be sent in time for the team to be able to distribute it. We are very lucky that we have great friends in Mexico that help us make this trip possible. We are still raising money, and we would love if any of our Ambassadors would be able to join you on an online Rotary meeting. Please contact me or Art Harrington for their contact information. We are greatly disappointed that we will not have the team in Kenya this summer, but we know that this is the best option to keep everyone safe. Hope everyone is staying healthy!!