Posted by PDG & International Service Chair Abe Feder
If you dialed in to our first installment in last month’s newsletter you (still on line) you understand the nature of this continuing and on-going column.
So without further ado here is a profile of our first project;
Flagstaff Rotary Club-Handwashing Stations-Cost $3325-Impact-400+ individuals
This Rotary project was done in conjunction the Red Feather Develop Group that serves both Hopi and Navajo families on their reservations that do not have running water and these hand washing stations came into play to help aid in limiting the transmission of COVID19. A total of 33 units were assembled, positioned and delivered by 13 Rotarians, 5 friends of Rotary, and 3 family members. In addition training by Red Feather has created a group of Native Peoples that can produce these units in the future.
While many Rotarians wonder how this might qualify as an international service project, it’s important to remember that these Reservations are Sovereign Nations, with their own government, school systems and police force, and Flagstaff President Carla Viola provided all the details about this COVID 19 solution.
Rotary eClub of the Southwest USA -- Drainage Ditch Cleanup, Kampala, Uganda -- Cost $500—Impact--Hundreds

In April Rotary eClub of the Southwest USA (ReCSWUSA) partnered with Rotarians in Uganda to clean up the Nkere neighborhood in the Bwaise slum, where drainage ditches are functionally inadequate. Flood waters heavily contaminated by human waste back up into the mud floor huts, sometimes up to half a meter in depth. And, because the drainage ditches fill with trash and brush, small depressions have no outlet to the major ditches and do not drain. During the rainy seasons mosquito born diseases are endemic. With a $500 ReCSWUSA Min-eGrant, Rotaracters (Club of Kawempe) and Rotarians (Club of Kampala Kawempe) got busy. For the safety of all, they purchased bright safety vests, wheelbarrows, shovels, rakes, and hoes, carefully marking each item as Rotary property, preparing for regular ditch maintenance. The three clubs celebrated meeting two additional goals: (1) mobilize the Rotaract Club to take charge and serve the community as a full partner of the Rotary club and (2) continue community work to clean and improve the drainage ditches. 
UPDATE-Tempe South Well for Liberia, Africa

In our last installment we just had a photo of the bore hole that would become part of the well. Attached are photos of the already done well and the pump mechanism. Please note the signage and the safety and security attachment to make sure that the pump will not be misused or tampered with.
You may wonder about the chicken, well the gentlemen holding the chicken is the spiritual leader for many in the village and they wished to bless the well. 
I just hoped they ate the chicken after they were done blessing the well….
Tune in next month for our newest installment of INTERNATIONAL SERVICE PROJECTS ON THE CHEAP!