On Sunday, March 11, the Sun Lakes Rotary Club will hold its 25th Annual Charity Golf Tournament at the Oakwood Country Club. This tournament represents the Club’s major fund raiser of the year, allowing it to support numerous charities in Chandler and around the world. For instance, the Club has given dictionaries to more than 48,000 third graders in the Chandler Unified School District; taught over 50,000 ninth graders that the choices they make now, good or bad, will affect their lives forever; given scholarships to high school seniors; taken underprivileged children on clothing shopping sprees; and contributed more than $100,000 to eradicate polio worldwide. One hundred percent of the net proceeds from the tournament benefit these charities.
All three Oakwood golf courses will be played. If you are planning on golfing, but have not registered yet, it would be best to proceed. A full cast of 170 golfers, like last year, is expected. March 1 is the deadline for golf registrations. For the registration form, contact Rotarian Don Bell at 612-396-0069 or Rotarian Peter Meade at 480-600-2458. The fee of $125 covers golf and the dinner that follows.
And don’t forget the Helicopter Golf Ball Drop. This spectacular event draws a crowd. On the day of the event, numbered golf balls are loaded into a helicopter. It flies over the golf course and drops them onto a green from an altitude of about 90-feet. The balls that are in the hole or closest to the hole are the winners. How can you participate in this fun event? You purchase golf balls and are assigned numbers based upon how many golf balls you purchase.
Norm Noble