RYLA 5495 Pinerock just completed its camp in Prescott and it was a huge success. Kudos to the staff who made this possible.
RYLA 5495 Ponderosa in Heber is coming up from April 5 to 8. We hope to have a terrific camp also.
As part of the RYLA curriculum, students are introduced to a community service project – Kids Against Hunger (KAH) meal packing through the Manzanita Outreach Organization, an Arizona Charitable Tax Credit organization. RYLA 5495 Pinerock once again packed over 42,000 nutritious meals packed in three hours, with the packaged food distributed to local emergency providers in Apache Coumty.
RYLA 5495 Pinerock received over $7,000 in monetary donations to help cover the cost of the food. This was accomplished through the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit as mentioned above.
RYLA 5495 Ponderosa will also participate in the Kids Against Hunger community service project, for the first time. Their goal is to pack 30,000 meals and donate this to an emergency food provider in St Johns in Apache County. A recent news article stated that Apache County has one of the highest number of malnourished children in the country. 
Please help us feed these children through the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit – $400 for single/head of household or $800 for married filing jointly in donations and receive an Arizona dollar-for-dollar tax credit. You have until April 17 to make this donation for the 2017 tax year.
Go to Donate to Kids Against Hunger event at RYLA Ponderosa  and make a contribution.The children will be very grateful, and so will we!
Yours in Rotary
RYLA 5495 Ponderosa Staff