Dear Rotarians,
“Are you ready?” That’s what they asked me after I graduated from the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy in 1996.
“Are you ready?” was the question before my life changing Group Study Exchange to District 9640 in Australia in 2011.
“Are you ready?” people asked me in anticipation of my daughter, Emery, being born in 2019.
In every single one of those crossroads, I had no idea what was ahead of me. If I’m being honest the verdict is still out on my daughter.
As we know life is too intricate and elaborate to plan for everything. We work hard to be as prepared as we can be and do the hard work of being flexible as we adapt to whatever comes our way. Maybe a better question is, “Are you willing?” Are you willing to serve? Are you willing to risk? Are you willing to commit?
Because you are a Rotarian the answer is yes. The answer is yes because of the reach and impact we have on the communities around us and the world we live in. The answer is yes because you don’t just change the world, you make it better.
The world needs us right now. Today is an historic day for so many reasons. My gratitude for the chance to serve you in the role of District Governor pales in comparison to the inspiration you give me as your clubs do service.
To be part of your legacy is a huge honor. I’m looking forward to the next time my family and I are at a service project with you, and a non-Rotarian friend who is there serving alongside us asks you what else Rotary does.
You turn to them and ask, “Are you ready?”
Sincerely yours,
Larry Horton,
District Governor 2022-2023
  Larry, Jenn and Emory last November with RI President Shekhar Mehta and his wife, Rashi.
 With DGE Kevin Pitts at Governor-Elect Training last November in Tucson.
At the International Convention in Houston, with other District Governors from throughout the world and with RI President Jennifer Jones.
 Larry Horton is installed as the new D5495 Governor July 1. From left, PDG Bret McKeand, DGN Michelle Holcomb, DG Larry Horton and DGE Kevin Pitts.