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Membership Minute
April 2021Ideas for strengthening membership
Understanding Rotary members’ needs — the key to engaged members 
What do members want from their Rotary experience? And why do some members leave? Our research shows that members value local community service, friendship, and fellowship most. They cite time and cost, the club environment, and unmet expectations as reasons for leaving. 

The key to engaging members is providing an experience that meets their needs and expectations. Learn more in the newly revised presentation The State of Rotary Membership, which contains membership data and trends for the first half of the 2020-21 Rotary year. In it, you’ll also find ways to address membership challenges so you can finish the year strong. The 12-slide PowerPoint presentation can easily be customized to meet your region’s needs. Consider showing it at your next meeting or event.
Celebrate people of action with Rotary’s Service Awards

Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation offer several awards to recognize members, nonmembers, alumni, and Rotary clubs for their contributions and impact. The new Rotary’s Service Awards reference sheet lists the many Rotary awards and includes information about nominations, eligibility criteria, and due dates, as well as images of the awards. Write to riawards@rotary.org if you have questions. 

Make friends around the world

Rotary Fellowships allow us to build community with fellow Rotary members and friends around shared professions, hobbies and recreational interests, and identities. From motorcycling to bees, ethics to gourmet cooking, Rotary’s more than 90 international fellowships offer ways to explore and enjoy what interests you. Some of the newest ones are: 

For a full list of fellowships or information on how to start your own, see the Rotary Fellowships page on My Rotary.

Chin refugees from Myanmar charter a club in Indiana 
Nearly 20,000 Chin people live on the south side of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, in one of the largest concentrations of Chin outside of Myanmar. Find out how the Rotary Club of Southport International was created to attract members of the Chin community and why it’s worth working to bridge cultural barriers and expand our reach. 
Innovative effort sparks formation of two new clubs
After attending a Toastmasters event, District Governor Yvonne Kumoji-Darko thought of hosting informational sessions for Toastmasters and Rotary members in her district so members of each organization could learn more about the other. Read how two new clubs have formed because of this idea. 
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Membership Minute is a bimonthly newsletter that provides the latest membership trends, strategies, best practices, and resources to help strengthen membership in your clubs. The newsletter is sent to Rotary coordinators, district governors, district membership chairs, club membership chairs, club presidents and subscribers. Please forward this to anyone who may be interested. 

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