I want to start by thanking the Satellite Club of Camelback Crossroads for inviting me to join them at their club visit last month. I had a great time seeing the interaction between such passionate leaders in our community. They were all involved in coordinating a service project, had prospective members visiting and recognized all the efforts of their chair as they planned the transition into the new Rotary year, quite hilariously I might add. What I knew as a Rotary club meeting looked more like friends around a table, having fun and catching up. Thank you for letting me be part of your night!
As the 2017-2018 Rotary year comes to an end, I wanted to highlight some accomplishments. Congratulations to each of the Rotarians who sponsored a new member over the last year!
Manny Chazan - Anthem
Sawana Grimmett - Anthem
Sam Crump - Anthem
Donald Whitman - Anthem
Joel Wirth - Chandler
Theresa Clemmons - Chandler-Horizon
Jim Bissonett - E-Club of the Southwest
John Wintersteen - E-Club of the Southwest
David Gillman - Fountain Hills
Richard Holper - Fountain Hills
Michelle Holcomb - Fountain Hills
Brian Martin - Fountain Hills
Gilbert Miller - Four Peaks
Arthur Tolis - Four Peaks
Curtis Ward - Gilbert
Tom Leyda - Goodyear PebbleCreek
Pat Enyear t- Goodyear PebbleCreek
Carl Goin - Goodyear PebbleCreek
John Spooler - Goodyear PebbleCreek
Joan Smith - Goodyear PebbleCreek
Clayann Cook - Grand Canyon
Anavon Harris - Grand Canyon
Eric Duthie - Grand Canyon
Michael Cobb - Kingman Route 66
Kathy Ferneau - Kingman Route 66
Kristi Grasser - Kingman Route 66
Margaret Libertini - Kingman Route 66
Gregg Martin - Kingman Route 66
Linda Owens - Kingman Route 66
Rebecca Goldberg - Lake Havasu City
Steve Ticknor - Lake Havasu City
Niki Nickle - Lake Havasu Sunrise
Cindy Dionne - London Bridge (Lake Havasu City)
Don Klostermeier - London Bridge (Lake Havasu City)
Dilworth Brinton - Mesa
J. Bethea - Mesa West
Allan Cady - Mesa West
Robert Jensen - Mesa West
Donald LaBarge - Mesa West
Helen Jean Morgan - Mesa West
Polly Schumache r- Mesa West
Allister Adel - Phoenix
Daniel Capote - Phoenix
Lisa Compton - Phoenix
Richard Dunseath - Phoenix
John Echeverri - Phoenix
Tracy Fickett - Phoenix
Karlene Keogh Parks - Phoenix
Roger Marce - Phoenix
Joe Prewitt - Phoenix
Nichole Stohler - Phoenix
Ralph Tapscott - Phoenix
Robert Withers - Phoenix
Joseph Weisiger - Phoenix-Camelback
Joanne Kline - Phoenix East
Anthony Lamanna - Phoenix East
Susan Nicolson - Phoenix West
Shawn Petree - Phoenix West
Rusty Pile - Phoenix West
Pandora Young - Prescott
Billie Orr - Prescott Sunup
Robert Dalby - Rim Country- Payson
Debra Isaac - Rim Country - Payson
Hallie Jackman - Rim Country- Payson
Karen Patterson - Rim Country - Payson
Jack Pence - Rim Country- Payson
Kari Baker - Scottsdale
Kevin Bollinger - Scottsdale
Jason Brock - Scottsdale
Charlie Kester - Scottsdale
David MacIntyre - Scottsdale
R. Marks - Scottsdale
Dr Honora Norton - Scottsdale
Barbara Bakwin - Scottsdale Sunrise
Nathan Cobb - Scottsdale Sunrise
David Lewis - Scottsdale Sunrise
Neil Sutton - Scottsdale Sunrise
Michelle Behr - Sedona
Bonnie Best - Sedona
Danielle Giann - Sedona
David Gill - Sedona
Ron Goldman - Sedona
Eric Haggard - Sedona
David Simmer - Sedona
David Young - Sedona
Tony Hauserman - Sedona Red Rocks
Michael Hughes - Sedona Red Rocks
Mary Millar - Sedona Red Rocks
Jackielyn Harrington - Springerville
Hollie Green - Sun City
Alan Kurth - Sun Lakes
William McCoach - Sun Lakes
David Mork - Sun Lakes
Eugene Nicholas - Sun Lakes
Ormal Saathoff - Sun Lakes
Len LaFlesch - Superstition Mnt Apache Junction/GC
Stephanie Bond - Surprise
Kevin Cannon - Surprise
Frank Dias - Surprise
Golden Kennedy - Surprise
Phil Kennedy - Surprise
Mary Lautenbach - Surprise
Jay Lickus - Surprise
Ken Remley - Surprise
Ralph Wirebaugh - Surprise
Dayna Gustke - Tempe Downtown
Lynn Gustk e- Tempe Downtown
Donald Kesner - Tempe Downtown
Randy Courtney - Tempe South
James Hall - Tempe South
Gary Johnson - Tempe South
Casey Rooney - Verde Valley (Cottonwood)
Eric Young - Verde Valley (Cottonwood)
Roger Bonngard - White Mountain
Charles Sweet - White Mountain
Robert Ripley - Wickenburg
Ronald Silverthorn - Wickenburg
Jeanie Williams - Wickenburg
Patricia Centeno Helgeson - Williams
Alan Duncan - Williams
Kris William s- Williams
The best thing Rotary has, is YOU! Be the inspiration.