By Barbara Muller
Chair, Rotary Action Group for Peace
What if Peace is possible and it starts with each of us?
In my travels at World Peace Conferences and on my Peace Podcasts, I’ve had conversation with scientists, world leaders and hundreds of peace builders. I’ve seen the power of a single act, a single word or a single person start a chain for peace. Even in the most horrific situations, people can still create peace.
It begins with us and starts with a conversation.
As Chair of the Rotary Action Group for Peace I’m here to say:
        Peace is personal
        Peace is our choice
        Peace is do-able
And each of us can contribute to a “language for peace” in our own unique way. 
Let’s confirm our commitment to peace on the International Day of Peace, September 21, 2022. The United Nations has said this is the time for strengthening the ideals for peace through observing the 2022 theme:
"End Racism. Build Peace". 
Hundreds of Rotary clubs have created events. My in box is filled with events and invitations. I plan to join many and I am keynoting several.
Thank you, Peace Builders!
We are the peace our world needs now and for all future generations.