We (The Sun Lakes Rotary Club) have secured four installation dates with DigDeep when our SLRC members, our Canadian Brantford-Sunrise RC partner, and others who supported our project may attend a “hands on” installation. However, we are limited to the number of 10 people on each installation. As such, we respectfully request that those who wish to attend do the following: 
Select a preferred and an alternate date. 
Immediately send an email to John McKoy (jmckoy3@msn.com) with selected dates. 
We will do our best to accommodate all who wish to go. However, some names may have to be drawn out of a hat if we have more requests than spots. Should you have a spouse/partner attending, be sure to include their name in your request even if they are not a SLRC member.
August 21-23 September 25-27 (no longer available) 
August 28-30 Oct 23-25 
Plan on scheduling three days. One day to drive to Gallup, New Mexico; one day on the job site; and one day to drive back. The job site is 35 miles east of Gallup to Thoreau where St Bonaventure Indian Mission and DigDeep are located. The day will start at 7:30am. Additionally, you need to know that the roads to a Navajo home are dirt and most are not good. We recommend carpooling where possible, and perhaps using a 4-wheel drive vehicle. 
There are several hotels in Gallup, and you will be responsible to arrange your own lodging. For those making the trip, we will give a suggested list. 
Questions? Contact Gary and John, Co-Chairs, Navajo Water Project