Let’s Celebrate YOU!!
Happy fall! I am so excited to recognize and celebrate the clubs that have had an increase in their membership! No one knows better than you, the time and effort that it takes to see such a great impact.
Congratulations to the Sun Lakes Rotary Club who had a total increase of 9 NEW MEMBERS!
Jon Lyons, Membership Chair for the Sun Lakes Rotary Club, shares what their club is doing:
The Sun Lakes Rotary Club is very aware of the need to increase membership, and like all clubs we face a challenge every year with attrition. Some of the key strategies and practices in our club include:
 Spouse/Partners Invited to join the club: For the current rotary year, we have a program for our current members to have their spouse or partner to join our club. This will not only increase our membership, but will also help with our diversity and further increase the sense of ‘friends and family’ that Sun Lakes Rotary already enjoys. For the first year, the SLRC is picking up the cost of the dues for the spouse or partner that joins.
 Website and Social Media:  The Club maintains an excellent website with information on our club, our members and the many projects/activities that we support. Our website team does a great job of including bios and profiles of our members, and is a great place for people to see and learn what Sun Lakes Rotary is all about. Sun Lakes is on Facebook, and we have hundreds of people following us around the world, in addition to many of our current and former members. 
• Mentor Program:  A critical element of new members joining our club and being successful and satisfied with their rotary experience is the utilization of mentors. In August of this year we rolled out a mentor program, and we trained 15 people to be mentors for new members. 
 Visibility in the Community: The Sun Lakes club recently refreshed/enhanced our brochure, and we display these brochures in the various club houses/restaurants in the Sun Lakes neighborhoods. We also participate in ‘Open Houses and Neighbors Out Days,’ which are held in the fall in each neighborhood in Sun Lakes. This is a great way for people that are new to the Sun Lakes area to learn about the many clubs and activities in Sun Lakes, including the Sun Lakes Rotary Club
The Sun Lakes Rotary Club meeting on August 28 where they inducted six new members:
A BIG thank you to the Sun Lakes Rotary for sharing some fantastic tips that are working for their club. I also want to extend a very warm welcome to their newest members. Welcome to Rotary!
We will continue to celebrate clubs each month and will have additional best practices from clubs that are making an impact on membership, right now, just like you! Keep up the great work!
If you missed our Generations of Rotary webinar, the presentation was shared on the District 5495 Membership Dropbox. All listed Membership Chairs have been invited to access material.