We have a few opportunities for YOU to serve other Rotarians in District 5495 as it relates to Audio / Visual.
We are looking for a "Key Technician" and individuals with other levels of expertise.  ANY Rotariannew or seasoned, would be welcomed at these positions.  These are volunteer positions only.
Our primary objective is to find a key person to train with the current District A/V Chair and ultimately take over as District A/V Chair.  The other positions are for support staff to assist the District A/V Chair.  The events needing A/V support are few as most clubs have their own equipment and staff.
The support staff does not need to have any knowledge of A/V only a willingness to help and support.  Training and directions will be provided to prepare YOU to perform as support staff effectively and efficiently.  While email is not a must, it is highly desired and the primary method of communication.
On the other hand, the "Key Technician" will need to be familiar with A/V equipment, Computer equipment and Microsoft Office in particular Power Point.  The use of email is a large part of this position and will be required.  While texting is not a requirement it is highly recommended, and the applicant should be familiar with texting.  You will be required to work with several different District leaders and presenters at the various events.  Scheduling, multi-tasking and organizational skills are a must.  You will receive all the training and support needed to work effectively and efficiently as the District A/V Chair.
The primary event where A/V support is needed is the Conference of Clubs usually held in May or June. 
Thank you for your consideration. 
If you would like to be part of the District A/V Team, please email Bob Murray here.
Yours In Rotary Service,

Bob Murray – 775-771-4670
District 5495
Assistant Governor 2015 – 2018
District Audio / Visual Chair