In an effort to promote club interaction and get to know each other better, during the inaugural D5495 year there will be three travelling friendship trophies to be circulated throughout the district. The clubs will be responsible for passing the cactus to the next designated club. This could be done either at a regular joint meeting, a joint club social or some other gathering. The details are up to each club.
There will be three circuits. Bragging rights are at stake. For the trophies to get around to all the clubs each pass needs to be completed within a week or two.
How do we pass the cactus?
A joint club meeting is ideal. You could also pass it at a social event. Or a delegation of a few members could even travel to the other club to present it at a meeting. The details are not as important as getting together somehow and learning more about the other clubs.
What happens if we can’t schedule anything?
You can reach out to your AG for ideas and help. Worse case scenario, you could ship it to the next club with a nice note.
Is there a time limit?
We want to get all the circuits completed by the District conference in June. So a week or two is all you’ll have to get the cactus passed on.
Are there prizes?
No prizes. No demerits. It’s all for fun. We want to see pictures from joint meetings, social events and Cactus presentations. Make it fun for your members and put the pictures on your social media. We’ll also track it on the district’s social media.
Circuit 1
Flagstaff                               to            Grand Canyon                                 
Grand Canyon                    to            Williams                                              
Williams                               to            Flagstaff Sunrise                              
Flagstaff Sunrise                to            Winslow                                              
Winslow                               to            White Mountain                              
White Mountain                 to            Springerville                                      
Springerville                       to            Silver Creek                                       
Silver Creek                        to            Rim Country                                      
Rim Country                       to            Four Peaks                                         
Four Peaks                          to            Scottsdale Sunrise                          
Scottsdale Sunrise            to            Fountain Hills                                    
Fountain Hills                     to            Mesa Sunrise                                    
Mesa Sunrise                     to            Mesa East
Mesa East                            to            Mesa                    
Mesa                                    to            Scottsdale
Scottsdale                           to            Scottsdale North
Scottsdale North               to            San Tan Crown                 
San Tan Crown                  to            Sun Lakes
Sun Lakes                           to            Gilbert                                 
Gilbert                                 to            Chandler Horizon                                            
Chandler Horizon              to            Superstition Mountain                                                                  
Superstition Mountain     to            Chandler
Chandler                             to            District Conference                                                                                                        
Circuit 2
Prescott Sunup                  to            Chino Valley                                     
Chino Valley                       to            Prescott Frontier                                                             
Prescott Frontier               to            Sedona                                
Sedona                                to            Verde Valley                                     
Verde Valley                       to            Prescott Valley                                 
Prescott Valley                   to            Prescott                              
Prescott                               to            Sedona Red Rocks
Sedona Red Rocks            to            Wickenburg                                       
Wickenburg                        to            Quartzsite                                          
Quartzsite                           to            Poston                                 
Poston                                 to            Lake Havasu                      
Lake Havasu                       to            Kingman Route 66                                           
Kingman Route 66            to            Bullhead City                                     
Bullhead City                      to            Laughlin                                              
Laughlin                              to            Kingman
Kingman                             to            Lake Havasu Sunrise                      
Lake Havasu Sunrise        to            London Bridge                                                  
London Bridge                  to            Parker                                                                                                  
Parker                                 to            Buckeye                                              
Buckeye                              to            Surprise                              
Surprise                              to            Litchfield Park                                   
Litchfield Park                    to            Sun City                                               
Sun City                               to            District Conference                        
Circuit 3
Tempe South                     to              Tempe Rio Salado
Tempe Rio Salado            to               Kyrene
Kyrene                                to               Tempe Downtown
Tempe Downtown           to                Mesa West
Mesa West                         to               Phoenix Camelback
Phoenix Camelback         to               Paradise Valley
Paradise Valley                  to              Phoenix Arcadia
Phoenix Arcadia                to              Phoenix East
Phoenix East                      to              Phoenix Squaw Peak
Phoenix Squaw Peak        to              Phoenix 100
Phoenix 100                        to             Anthem
Anthem                                to             Phoenix West
Phoenix West                     to              Glendale
Glendale                              to              Peoria North
Peoria North                      to               Thunderbird
Thunderbird                       to               Glendale West
Glendale West                   to                Peoria  
Peoria                                  to               Estrella
Estrella                                to               Goodyear Pebble Creek
Goodyear Pebble Creek   to               Sun City West
Sun City West                     to               Sun City del Sol 
Sun City del Sol                  to               Goodyear White Tanks
Goodyear White Tanks     to               District Conference        
Photos: 1; Trophies, 2; Trophy carver Neal McEwen (PE of Prescott Sunup), and 3; President of Sunup Rotary AJ Sheridan with the cactus in hand