Posted by Eileen Klecka

The Rotary Club of Phoenix East has been a loyal supporter of the Boys & Girls Clubs and the children in the Balsz Community. This past year, those in the greatest need have been hit the hardest by the pandemic and left overwhelmed by  job loss, hunger, and the impact of kids missing months of school. Without the Clubs, a generation of young, hopeful lives could be left behind. During this challenging time, the Rotary Club of Phoenix East gave a gift of $3,750.00 to help many families in the Balsz community who  are still reeling from the crisis, with lost jobs, little money and no school meals.



“My mom had to get a second job this year so we have been going to the Club every day for school during the COVID time. We got scholarships this year because of our situation. It’s really hard to see how much she has to work. Jason and I aredoing more chores around the house to help, and we try to leave her time to study when she gets home. I hope we can go back to regular school soon ‐ and that my mom can go back to one job so we have more time with her. In the meantime, welove going to the Club and I know how grateful my mom    is for the Club”. ‐Justin,4th grade


From warm meals to online tutoring and a caring community, you are bringing Justin and familieslike his, hope. On behalf of all of the kids and families of the Boys & Girls Clubs, thank you to the Rotarians at Phoenix East Rotary Club for the generous gift and for continuing their investment in our kids!