Posted by Phoenix West Rotary "West Side Story"

Susan introduced our speaker of the day, Samuel Moore-Sobel, author, speaker and col- umnist, who recently completed his debut memoir “Can You See My Scars” in which he describes the trauma of being a burn victim. His book is available on Amazon.

Samuel was 15 in 2009, just ready to start his sophomore year in high school, when disaster struck. He was hired for the day to move boxes and furniture to make a little extra spending money for school when one of the boxes containing sulfuric acid exploded badly burning Samuel’s face and arms. Treatment included multiple surgeries. Although Samuel didn’t feel lucky, doctor’s told him how lucky he was that he didn’t lose his eyesight and the acid did not burn his esophagus.

Samuel, now a hand-some  twenty-six year old with little or no apparent visible scars, at  least  via  Zoom, talks about the impact the accident had on him both physically and emotionally, both as a young high-schooler but also over the years. He said he not only had physical scars, but also emotional scars as evidenced by insomnia, flash backs and thoughts of suicide. Through counseling that gave him a Tool Box to help the healing process - medications, counseling, journaling and talking about the accident with others, he was able to finish HS and college on time and obviously go on to become a successful young adult!

Now on the 11th anniversary of the accident he has completed his first book, “Can You See My Scars.” He indicated that scars are now a reminder of what he’s been able to overcome and to turn a negative situation into something positive that will also help others. A percentage of the proceeds from his book will go to burn survivors.

Our thanks to Samuel for his inspirational message and for sharing with us from his home in Virginia—he says this was his first time to address a west coast audience! A book will be donated in Samuel’s honor to and Osborn District School.