Posted by Terry Smith
Prescott Sunup Rotarians Participate in Polio Vaccination Program for the Children of Caborca, Mexico.

Over the second weekend in February, Prescott Sunup Club members Jerry Hulm and Dennis Light were among twenty five Rotarians in Rotary district 5495, along with Rotarians from other areas, who participated in the Caborca, Mexico “ Polio Plus “ Polio vaccination program for children one to five years old.

In Caborca, the Rotarians assembled at a small medical clinic to be briefed on logistics and administration of the vaccine. Rotarians in groups of three or four and accompanied by local nurses and Caborca interpreters, canvased the villages where records indicated the targeted age group lived.  Each child received two drops of the Polio vaccine, with the date recorded in the child’s medical record. One hundred and forty children received the vaccine. In addition to assisting in the vaccination program, fourteen thousand, five hundred U.S. dollars was donated to the Caborca Rotary Children’s Medical Fund by the participating Rotary clubs.