UPDATE: $1300.00 Raffle prize drawn by Guest Cindy Weiss picking for Jim and Ron Congratulations!
Will the elusive Queen survive another week?  
In spite of a $1350 plus bounty,  the reclusive Queen of Spades remains under deck awaiting some lucky winner.
Rotary Dictionary Project: Evie will unload dictionaries on us this week after the August 10 meeting. Assignments have been accepted and if you have not yet volunteered please reach Evie. Our goal is to reach all schools by September 5th.
Jay "Cotton" Kandybowicz and I will deliver to Pueblo on Friday, August 11th!!
Breaking Board News:  At the SSRC  Board meeting on August 2nd, a membership initiative was approved to aggressively use traditional and social media to reach  our community and draw in new members! Steve Clasen "the Hand" heads the team including Duncan "unTIMed"  Jensen, Dave "the Fixer" Lewis, and Neil "Sumo" Sutton are steering SSRC into higher profile in Scottsdale.
Scottsdale Sunrise Rotary does amazing work, and there are amazing people who will join us when we reach out.  Our membership team is us!
Speaker Basket: Sandon "Tall" Nixon is looking high and low for excellent program speakers. We can all offer leads to him By sending email or text @  480-768-7200.
Dennis "Scout" Haberer is wecuiting Wiffleball weaders of Wotary  Wamblings willing to wake up, warm up and Wiffle on Saturday September 9th to support Miracle League of Arizona.  We Wule!   Wotary Wascals Wule!!
I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday.
Yours in Rotary,
David Ortega, President, SSRC