The Flagstaff club’s Global Grant – “Hepatitis Free Mongolia” – has successfully completed its first of three hepatitis and liver cancer screening trips.
This project is savings lives right in front of our eyes. Most of the people they are screening are uninsured and very poor. They would not be able to afford these tests if the Flagstaff club was not making them available for free.
The Flagstaff club says, “Thank you for everyone who supported this amazing project!”
Here are the results of their first trip:
2,896 people tested for hepatitis B and C
1,367 ultra sound examinations given
623 Fibroscan examinations given
671 people seen by a hepatologist
59 people seen by an oncologist
249 (8.6 percent) people positive for hepatitis B
206 (7 percent) people positive for hepatitis C
10 (0.3 percent) suspected liver cancer
9 (0.3 percent) suspected other kinds of cancer
Stay tuned for more updates, photos and a video next month.