Attempting to raise money for Rotary projects in Rural Arizona is especially difficult. In most small towns, there are more than 10 charity raffles going at all times. A benefit dinner for someone or something happens almost every weekend, and straight donations in depressed income populations, just don't happen. 
That's why, years ago, the clubs of the White Mountains, (Springerville, Silver Creek and Show Low) came up with the idea of the Rotary Masquerade Ball. The event was very successful for 3 years, but when all our clubs took a membership hit, we had to drop the event for lack of workers. Well, we decided to bring the event back this year, since our clubs are really struggling to fund all our projects, which mainly focus on Children and Education. 
Even though the Show Low club has had to bow out because of membership, the Silver Creek and Springerville clubs are going ahead! So, on October 13th, 2018 at Hon Dah Resort & Casino in Pinetop, AZ, we will be holding the premier gala event of the White Mountains. With ball gowns, tuxedos, and masks, the evening will be one to remember. 
If you would like to attend, the fall colors will be magical and the weather will be cool! Tickets are $50/ea or a table of 10 for $450. Check out our facebook page HERE, or the website HERE for more information and to buy tickets.
We hope to see you there!