Dear club and district leaders:

What would it mean for Rotary if we were the first choice for people seeking both a greater sense of purpose and the person-to-person involvement the digital realm can’t provide?
When we think beyond traditional membership or partnership opportunities, we demonstrate that positive change starts with welcoming the talents and ideas of others. 

Join us for the third webinar in our Engaging Members + Delivering Value series, Expanding our Reach. Register now for one of the sessions using the hyperlinks—this is also where you can learn about the speakers and submit your questions. A recording will be available to everyone who registers. Please note these sessions will only be offered in English.  

REGISTER NOW: Thursday 13 January 11:00 (UTC-6). See the time in a city near you.
REGISTER NOW: Thursday 13 January 18:00 (UTC-6). See the time in a city near you.  
During this webinar we will speak to participants who are sharing our values with new audiences, creating new ways to bring people together to experience the power of Rotary, and proving we are an organization that’s inclusive, engaging, compassionate, and ambitious. 
We look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions.  
The Membership Development Team 
Rotary International