The International Day of Peace is celebrated around the world on September 21. Each year more Rotary clubs have started including a peace-related club project, program, speaker or youth activity during the month of September. Will your club be engaged this year? 
The quest for world understanding and peace has been a cornerstone of Rotary since its early days.  To follow its evolution over the years, you can read and download the ROTARY PEACE TIMELINE at the Rotarian Action Group for Peace website. Through our service projects, peace fellowships and scholarships, our members are Taking Action to promote peace and address the underlying causes of conflict, including poverty, inequality, ethnic tension, lack of access to education and unequal distribution of resources.
Peace Initiatives Last Year in District 5495
Last year we accomplished many peace-related projects, both at the club-level and at the District level.  We:
  • Planted Peace Poles in public spaces
  • Attended and supported Rotary peace conferences
  • Hosted our very own first-ever peace conference, entitled ‘Pursuing Peace’
  • Awarded our very own, first-ever Champion for Peace Award (to PDG Chuck Fitzgerald)
  • Formed a team to share ‘Responsible Rotarian’ resources and information with clubs after attending the Rotary Presidential Peacebuilding Conference, linking peace and environmental sustainability, in Vancouver
  • Nominated a Peace Fellow who currently is being considered for acceptance by Rotary International
  • Engaged in multiple programs, events and service projects that foster international goodwill and understanding
What’s Ahead?
Clubs and members can expect the peace-related resources and support that began last year to continue and expand during the coming year. In addition:
  • Beginning with the October newsletter, you will find monthly features and ideas, and opportunities
  • PEACEBUILDER CLUBS will be formally launched in our District 5495 this fall
  • An innovative resource entitled the ROTARY PEACE ACADEMY is now available to interested members. This free training course shares strategies and tools that can help individuals, cities and nations to build and sustain peace, through the internationally recognized and transformational eight-pillar Positive Peace framework
  • Another peace conference will be held here in our own District (slated for Fall 2019)
  • A huge international event, the ‘Rotary World Peace Conference 2020,’ will be held January 17 & 18, 2020 in Ontario, California
An Invitation
Consider being part of the community of Rotarians who have a special interest in promoting peace.  Both individual Rotarians and entire clubs can be involved. Designate a club member as your official connection to Peace resources. Enroll in the Rotary Peace Academy. Send your photos, updates and ideas to PDG Nancy. Watch for new support, networks and resources to be announced as available.  And, be ready to become a Peacebuilder Club this year!
Yours in Peace,
PDG, Nancy Van Pelt
Peace Resources & Support