How Can I Learn More?
How Can I Learn More About Rotary's Public Image? 
When Rotary International went through the Rotary Public Image make-over the team knew documentation of the new Rotary Public Image would be part an important part of the process.  The team created a document which addresses every detail.
That document, Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines, address every aspect of the new Rotary Public Image in 56 colorful pages.
Why are there so many pages you ask?  Good question, the document discusses Rotary's Background, who we are, our essence, our organizing
principles, our look, bringing it all together and so much more.  You can see the document on the Rotary Public Image website.
One of the key elements of the Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines is the Rotary Master Brand  the Rotary Mark of Excellence  and how these two images are to be used.  The new Public Image does not include a blue background in the Mark if Excellence "Wheel" as was used for many years.  The guidelines for using these two Rotary Icons are discussed in detail on page 13 of the Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines.
The Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines also discusses fonts, colors, use and placement of the Rotary Master Brand and the Mark of Excellence.
As an option you can email your questions to the Public Image Committee and we'll be happy to assist you with your questions.
Submitted by: Bob Murray
District Public Image Chair