What is it?  What does it mean to you?
In 2011, Rotary International embarked on a multiyear initiative of unprecedented scale to strengthen the Rotary image.  In addition to expanding public understanding of what Rotary does, we want to motivate, engage, and inspire current and prospective members, donors, partners, and staff.  The two images at the top of this story have two distinctive names — do you know them?  They are explained at the end of this message.
Rotary’s Public Image is how Rotary is perceived by the world.  Rotary’s “Voice” is the unique tone and style in which we communicate.  There is no organization quite like Rotary.  By using a unified "voice" in all our interactions, we ensure our communications capture our distinct character — and how people experience Rotary.  By speaking, writing, and designing in one voice, our communications will look, feel, and sound unmistakably like Rotary.
Rotary International has provided many tools for us to use in our day-to-day Rotary life.  Those tools consist of guidelines, step-by-step instructions, templates, logos and much more.  Many of those tools and logos can be found in one location on the District 5495 Public Image website.  The website was rolled out last year and this year many of the ares have been built out to better serve you and Rotary's Public Image.
Before the Rotary Public Image campaign was launched, the images and logos were much like the "Wild, Wild West" anything went and the only limitation was your imagination.  Well, Rotary's Public Image has been changed extensively and we are encouraged to embrace all of Rotary's Public Image guidelines.  There are some extenuating circumstances and the Public Image committee will be happy to address those individually.
Rotary International has chosen a concise title for it's main Public Image guidelines, "Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines."  That document and several other documents can be found on the District 5495 Public Image website.  Every District & Club leader should be very familiar with the that document and the guidelines therein.
As you have noticed, there are many links in this article for the District 5495 Public Image website and here's another one.  The purpose for all of these links is to make it easier for you to get to the District 5495 Public Image website.  I hope this becomes a regularly used tool by all of the Rotarians in District 5495.  If you do not see something on the Public Image website, please email the Public Image Committee.
There will be an article in each of the monthly District 5495 Newsletters going forward.  If you'd like the article to focus on a specific aspect of the Rotary Public Image, please email the Public Image Committee.
Now if you've been clicking on any of  the links, then it's very likely you have found the official names of the two logos / images at the beginning of this article.  Nonetheless, here are the names: the one on the left side is "The Rotary Master Brand" and the one on the right side is "The Rotary Mark Of Excellence."  The Master Brand can be displayed by itself however the Mark Of Excellence can NOT be displayed by itself, it must be "close by" the Master Brand.  Both are included on the District 5495 Public Image Logos page.
Submitted by:
Bob Murray
District Public Image Chair
District Webmaster