ROTEX (alumni of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program) is happy to report that our current Outbounds on exchange in a foreign country are having the time of their life. Thanks to your support and interest in watching our students grow as emerging leaders, they are able to accomplish so many of their dreams. They would like to give you all an update on what has been the most memorable moment so far on their journey:
Kyle Tobin
Arizona > Italy
One of the most amazing things I get to see only a daily basis is the Colosseum. Every day on my way to school and home I walk right past it. Definitely one of the coolest places not only in Italy, but the world. I am very thankful for Rotary giving me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Brady Tavrytzky
Arizona > Argentina 
My most memorable experience was when I was FaceTiming with my two families. My one in the US and the one that I was with in Argentina! It was then when my host father told my parents that I was like a son to them and that they loved having me and wished that I could have stayed longer. It was that point that I realized I will have another family in another country for the rest of my life.
Cherish Hernandez
Arizona > Chile
One of the best moments I’ve experienced here while on exchange is going on a school trip with my curso (course or program). We went zip lining, trekking, stood under waterfalls, saw a turquoise crystal-clear lake, saw a volcano and so much more. Besides all of the adventurous activities we did, the best part that happened for me was when I finally was able to communicate almost completely in Spanish with all of my classmates. I sang Spanish songs, danced, told stories, broke the ice with people and most of all felt like I belonged here. I have fallen in love with this country, and I cannot wait to explore more.
Savanna Flores
Arizona > Brazil
One of the best moments I have experienced since I have been on exchange was my first night here in the country, when I first met my host family we had a two-hour drive back to my home town and it was very comforting to automatically get along with my host brother and my parents. They made the experience very easy and I am very thankful for my first family. Even though it was my first night with these complete strangers, I felt like I had known them my whole life. I love them with all of my heart and I will always keep them in my heart!
Ben Yee
Arizona > Chile
One of my best moments here so far, was when I went hiking with my younger host brother. He is 11 years old and isn't allowed to go out alone. We used public transportation to get there and went out to eat afterwards. During this day I had a lot of fun and was the big brother I've always wanted to be.
Madison Hayes
Arizona > Belgium
My favorite thing about being in Belgium is how much I get to travel. I love how easy it is to just hop on a train and go anywhere in Belgium. I have already seen so much and visited lots of beautiful cities here and in other countries close to me. It has shown me how gorgeous the world is and how lucky I am to be able to see it all.
Submitted by Kaley Gilmore