Scottsdale Sunrise Rotary has been partnering with Visa Del Camino Social Services of Scottsdale to assist with their needs to serve the community of Scottsdale. Vista Del Camino provides services with a food bank, emergency financial assistance, job preparation services, career center, back-to-school clothing program, holiday adopt-a-family and numerous others areas of need for the citizens of Scottsdale.
You may think that Scottsdale does not have people in need, but there is a definite need for the working poor, seniors, and people who are just experiencing a rough patch.
Scottsdale Sunrise Rotary has offered assistance in the following areas by providing volunteers as well monetary donations.
  • Staffing the weekly bread and pastry distribution in which the club organizes the donations from local grocery stores.
  • Volunteer at the back to school program the days of the event and then after to sort and count left over items.
  • Volunteer at the Thanksgiving and holiday program distribution, as well as adopting a senior to assist at this time.
  • Build bikes for Vista to distribute during the holiday program.
  • Set up, tear down, and staff the Alli Ortega Empty Bowl Program, where bowls are sold to assist in raising money for the food bank.
  • The club also assists individuals who wish to pursue a grant from The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona in getting further vocational training to improve their earning ability.
Keeping involved at Vista Del Camino is a great way to keep Rotary active in the community. When they need help, they know they only have to call and Scottsdale Sunrise Rotary can provide volunteers.
Gene Munoz-Villafane and his staff recently attended a Scottsdale Sunrise Rotary meeting to present the Club with an award for our continued participation and support of Vista Del Camino.