Submitted By: Dr. Honora Norton, RCSL Public Image Director
At a recent Rotary Club of Sun Lakes (RCSL) meeting the ASU Rotaract Rotary Club announced that $5,800 was collected from several Southeast Valley Rotary Clubs that submitted bids/donations to win the 'Gizmo' award. 
RCSL was the club that raised the most monies resulting in the ASU Rotaract 2022-23 "Gizmo" Award being presented to RCSL Club President Victoria Flatley.  All $5,800 proceeds were presented via a check to Arizona Veterans Fly Fishing Organization (AVFF) representatives at the same meeting.  AVFF is a non-profit organization that is designed to help facilitate the physical and emotional well-being of disabled veterans through fly fishing and related activities. 
RCSL and its members have been long-time AVFF supporters.
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With "Gismo" award and $5,800 check: LR:  Stan Kaufman (RCSL
Treasurer/AVFF Volunteer), Mark  Pearlstein and Rich Simmons (AVFF
Volunteers), Jon Lyons (RCSL's ASU Rotaract Liaison) and representing ASU
Rotaract Rotary Club: Aurelio Morales, Zach Dellner and Xavier Preciado